The Importance of Content Marketing Creatives

This post was inspired by a recent article by Kelsey Libert titled “The 9 Biggest Pitfalls You’ll Face With Content Marketing Creative“.

The focus of her article is on target. One of the purposes of Content and Inbound Marketing efforts is to raise the authority of your website.

The agency she works for measures Links, Domain Authority, and Social Metrics (although this term is never defined so I’m not sure what is actually being measured).

As I’m a big believer of “if you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it” I love her point and their approach.

However, what she discusses works for people who have sufficient budget to have various formats of creatives created: infographics, data visualizations, videos, quizzes, etc, etc.

How Does This Relate to a Small Business with a Limited Budget?

In as much as it discusses different types of creatives, it doesn’t.

In as much as the concept of “measure it to manage it” is valid, it does.

For a small business with a very limited budget, focus on only two (maybe three) formats only.


The written word is still what Google indexes best. Write, schedule, and publish short articles at regular intervals properly formatted to get the attention of the search engine robots.


As on average 10% of all website visitors who arrive via organic search arrive via image searches, each post should contain a minimum of one image, which a proper (search friendly) caption, alt text, and description.


This is the third one. If you have the tools and/or someone who knows how to do this, short informative videos make sense for the following reasons:

  • As they take longer to “consume” than text, people stay on your pages longer, which Google likes to see.
  • Some people prefer to learn via video than via reading.

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