For Commercial Websites, Less Truly is More

And it’s not just me saying it.

Shane Jones of WebpageFX agrees.

He published an excellent article titled….

The Psychological Benefits of Simple Design: Why Less Really is More

In which he gives a very detailed of why this is true and several case studies providing evidence to support the idea.

My post is merely to summarize his post and help draw attention to it.

As far as I’m concerned, the key statements from his article are:

According to a 2012 Google study, users consistently rate visually simple websites as more beautiful than their more complex counterparts. Further, highly prototypical sites (or sites with layouts that are commonly associated with sites of its category) with a simple design are considered the most beautiful sites of all. In other words? Simple is beautiful. And beautiful converts.


Why does everyone feel that simple is more beautiful? Probably because simple is scientifically easier for us to process. Low complexity sites don’t require our eyes and brains to work as hard to process and store the information.

Both of which make a lot of sense to me.

I know I personally have always gravitated to simple websites and I honestly believe one of the Google’s initial success factors was the emptiness of their web page.

Modern society requires us all to make many decisions every day, and each one requires us to expend a bit of energy. The problem is we have what might be called a daily energy budget, so when we spend too much time deciding about stuff that doesn’t matter, it cuts into our energy budget and has an effect on our ability to decide stuff that does matter.

How does this relate to website design?

When your website design requires your visitors to think about too much, your site is less pleasing. When you simplify your site to focus on what really matters, your site is more pleasing.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook spoke in a similar way when someone asked him why he wears the same grey T shirt every day.

 In Closing

When it comes to the website design aspect of Inbound Marketing, less truly is more. Simple sites convert better.

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