Smart Marketers are Making the Switch

Why are smart marketers making the switch from Social Media Marketing to Content Marketing?

The main reasons are below.

Those Darn Studies that Show Things

I’m guessing your landing or conversion pages are on your website. As such, you need to get people onto your website so you can walk them through their decision process (what you call your sales funnel).

We now know that 51% of all website traffic comes from organic search, while only 5% comes from social media.

As a smart marketer, you want to put your effort where your visitors are.

Thought Leadership Requires Thoughts

No one ever became a thought leader by constantly tweeting or Facebooking others people’s ideas. You need to establish that you have your own. You can probably guess that the best place to do this is on your blog, on your website.

First you start generating interesting and useful articles and stories, then you start distributing the good ones to your social media connections. With twitter you can use hashtags to expand beyond your direct connections, but first have something good to say. Something good that YOU say.

Prerequisites to being regarded as a thought leader are: 1) Have big picture thoughts 2) Share them.

In Closing

Think of social media marketing as an extension of your blogging, which in turn is an extension of your branding. As an extension of you being who you are, and you holding the beliefs and values that you hold.

Blogging and social media is merely an easy way to publish, to share.

First you need something to share. That is where blogging comes in.

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