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SEO Keyword Research is Market Research as Searches Preceed Buying

Keywords Are Not Quite Dead

While I personally have published (right on this very website) that the Google Hummingbird algorithm update is the beginning of the end of keyword research, and while I stand by that statement, it’s too early to schedule the funeral. Keyword research is dying, but not yet dead.

I’m no longer as focused on it as I was two or three years ago, but what people search for in what volumes and how competitive those topics are is still relevant.

Not because I plan to repetitively use keyword phrases the way I used to, but because keyword research provides a general measure for both what people are interested in, and how many people are publishing to people with those interests.

I once used an excellent purchased tool named Marketing Samurai, but now simply use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool. The level of precision provided by Marketing Samurai is no longer relevant.

Keyword Research is Market Research

When you understand that keyword research is really market research you see why it still matters.

People go online to search when they have questions about products and services.

Those niches with the greatest numbers of search queries are larger markets. Those niches with lower competition are markets with less competition.

While keyword research becomes less relevant over time, I doubt it will ever be fully irrelevant.

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