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SEO is Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy but Does Not Generate Leads by Itself

Content Marketing Requires, but is not SEO

Sometimes I hear people us the terms “SEO” and “Content Marketing” interchangeably.

They’re not the same thing.

SEO is an integral part of Content Marketing, just as locks are an integral part of securing buildings, but locks are not a security strategy, just as SEO is not Content Marketing.

Below are a few definitions of important terms.


SEO is the technical aspects of making a website and webpages findable. One of the reasons to use WordPress is that WordPress (and some specific WordPress plugins) takes care of 80% to 90% of the technical aspects of SEO without you having to be consciously aware of them.

Content Marketing

Is a set of marketing activities where the content being generated and published might be published in a variety of places. The earliest recorded use of Content Marketing is in 1895 (believe it or now) in the form of a magazine titled The Furrow, published by John Deere and distributed to farmers, which had two purposes: 1) Contain articles and stores that are interesting and useful to farmers, and 2) Keep John Deere in the farmers minds to help sell more tractors.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is similar to Content Marketing but where the vast majority of the stories you publish are published to your website, in a very structured systematic way, for the express purpose of getting the attention of the search engines, so they in turn bring you your desired audience via organic search.

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