SEO Organizations call for “Search Congress”

When I first read this article about creating a Search Congress to draft and enforce Search Marketing Code of Ethics, I wasn’t sure if it is a good thing, or a waste of time. Upon reflection, I’ve decided it’s both.

Why is it a good idea?

Because search marketing is new and completely unregulated, any SEO consultant can make any claims no matter how ridiculous, and unfortunately some do.

A lot of small businesses have spent a lot of money for SEO consultants who did not know what they were doing and got zero results for it.

An enforceable Code of Ethics would create a (hopefully) measurable standard to live up to.

Why is it a waste of time?

No matter what Code of Ethics the Search Congress comes up with, the rules are currently set by Google and that is not likely to change any time soon.

If you want results in your search marketing efforts (no matter if you call it Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, or just good old fashioned SEO), you play by Google’s rules.

You learn to dance with Google.

Short term vs long term

Short term, it’s a ridiculous idea that I will not spend any time on (except to write posts like this) because if I want my site to be found by Google I need to devote my time and energy to doing the tasks necessary to accomplish that.

Long term, this Code of Ethics will be heavily influenced by Google (after all, they own the world of search, the rest of us merely live here) and we will all finally have a documented set of rules that Google (hopefully) sanctifies.

For now….

Let other people wrestle with the ideas of the Search Congress and this Search Marketing Code of Ethics.

Spend your time blogging for business, or as we professionals call it… Being engaged in Inbound Marketing.

For now, Your Choices Are

  1. Learn to dance with Google.
  2. Fail in your efforts.

Learn how to dance with Google…

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