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San Jose SEO Generates Business Leads via Inbound Marketing

There are a gazillion companies selling Local SEO Marketing, which is a form (maybe subset) of Inbound Marketing.

You also find different companies can give drastically different advise on what works and what doesn’t.

How can you, as a consumer of SEO services, figure out who knows what they’re doing and who does not? provides Local SEO Marketing training, consulting, and implementation.

You do not want to work with SEO companies that do any of the following:

  • They sell Inbound Marketing services via paid ads.
    • If they need to use paid ads, how well do they implement Inbound Marketing?
  • They tell you how they do it is a secret.
    • If they don’t tell you how they do it, how do you know they know how?
  • They guarantee you “page 1 of Google”.
    • Although this occurs with effective Inbound Marketing, what YOU want is organic search traffic and lots of it.
    • Being on page 1 of Google for phrases real people don’t search for is of no value.

A quick test of their ability to implement effective local SEO marketing is how did you meet them? If you found them after doing an Internet search, you should probably talk to them about attracting your audience to your website.

When your business needs more traffic, more leads, and more business, talk to people who know how.

SEO Needs Link Building


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