Links Are Relationships

I’ve said this over and over (and probably will continue to), but when someone else chimes in I find it hard to resist referencing their contribution to the discussion.

This time it’s Andrew Dennis of Page One Power, who published an excellent article titled…. Relationships in Link Building.

I won’t re-post his post, so please select the link in the prior sentence to read it, but I love his perspective. I even borrowed the phrase “Links are Relationships” directly from it.

Every time you link to another page on another website, you provide them with some authority. Google interprets links as votes of confidence.

Every page on the entire web has a level of authority which is determined by the number of incoming links, and every link has a level of authority which is determined by the authority of the page they originate on.

Who is most likely to link to you? To give you authority?

People you know. Either directly or through the Internet. People who are familiar with you and your ideas. People who believe you’re a smart person. People who like what you have to say.

By all means, if your Mother has a website, she should link to yours.

Beyond that your efforts to attract links is relationship building.

Do you attend business mixers? Chamber of Commerce events? If so, why? Probably to make contacts that will help you grow your business.

When you treat link building as relationship building, you’ll attract both more and better links. But, it doesn’t happen on it’s own. Link building requires time and effort to cultivate these relationships.

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