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Publishing to Generating Leads through Your Website with SEO and Inbound Marketing

Publishing as Part of Inbound Marketing

Publishing is a huge part of successful Inbound Marketing, but (at the risk of stating the obvious), it must be done right. The very first step in your website being found is having stuff on your website worthy of being found.

As stated in the prior post in this series on growing your website traffic, there are a few hundred factors Google takes into consideration when ranking webpages.

This post focuses on the most critical aspects of publishing. Nothing stated below should seems like breaking news, as humankind has been publishing in volume since the invention of the printing press, but I do find it’s useful to sometimes repeat the basics.


All things being equal, the site with more webpages ranks higher.


There are two important aspects of quality, one of which is surprisingly well quantified by Google.

1) You would think the subjective aspects of quality as perceived by a human would be hard to code in an algorithm, but Google goes to great pains to do so. They hire human raters to rate the “quality” of of sites based on criteria that is remarkably objective. For more information on how this works, read a post on how Google uses these human raters.

2) A different and equally important aspect of quality is how well are your posts formatted for SEO. While there are 220+ aspects of a perfectly formatted page, paying attention to the most important of them get you 90% of your desired result.

For more detail on what those most important aspects are, read this post about the technical aspects of SEO.

To learn the other most important search signals, click the link earlier in this sentence.

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