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Pay for Results Lead Generation via Organic Search Marketing

How many organic search engine marketing stories have you heard where the company takes money and never delivers results?

Why is this?

Partially it’s because many experts are not very expert.

Partially it’s because consumers seem willing to pay for effort, rather than demanding payment for results.

As a consumer, you have the right to only deal with companies who accept payment for results.

As a an SEO service provider, when you structure your payments this way you are more attractive to consumers.

However, structuring a deal this ways means clearly defining which party is responsible for what.

The service provider must clearly be able to gather your audience to your website and get the visitors to consider asking more or buying.

The client is responsible to provide an attractive service or product that looks good enough to warrant further discussion, or a purchase via the web site.

For this reason, the type of payment structure that makes sense is that the Inbound Marketing service provider be paid:

  • Some minimal amount per post generated and published (as the heart of the entire effort is content and publishing).
  • Some amount per monthly organic search visitor
  • Some amount per monthly Contact Us form load
  • Some amount per monthly Contact Us form submission

Of course getting the dollar amounts right matters for both parties, but when you adopt a payment plan as described above, both parties have their interests aligned, and the level of cooperation and customer service that results when this happens is strongly beneficial to both parties.

To learn more about how result based pricing for Inbound Marketing will help your business…

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