As you know, Content Marketing is where you attract prospects and customers through your website by publishing a lot of relevant content to your website, in small bite sized chunks, at frequent intervals, for an extended period of time.

When done properly, this is incredibly effective at gathering your audience and converting some of them into prospects.

However it is often done improperly. Why? Because doing Content Marketing right takes “too much” time and/or money.

The irony is that expensive as doing it right is, doing it wrong doesn’t work and as such it a total waste of money, even though at first it looks “cheaper”.

So how do you make sure your content marketing service provider is properly focused on results, which to means lead generation?>

  • Only pay a minimal amount for each post generated (content and publishing is the CORE activity of content marketing).
  • To encourage the attraction of organic search visitors (which by definition are the BEST visitors as if they were not interested in your product or service they would never show up in the first place) pay a certain amount for every organic search visitor who arrives.
  • To encourage your Call to Action to be followed, pay a certain amount for every time the Contact Us form is loaded.
  • To encourage conversion, pay a certain amount for every time the Contact Us form generates a lead.

If products are directly sold via the site, the ideas above are slightly adjusted, but the basic idea is the same.

To learn more about how result based pricing for Content Marketing will help your business…

SEO Needs Link Building

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