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Pay for Performance Lead Generation thru Local SEO Marketing

Frustrated with local SEO marketing companies that take your money every month and deliver nothing?

If their efforts do not generate leads for your sales funnel, what exactly are you paying them for?

Would it not be better to pay for results? To pay for performance?

This however brings up a few very interesting questions:

  • What precisely can your local SEO marketing company guarantee?
  • What rests on you

Your local SEO marketing must be able to guarantee you the following:

  • You will receive a significant increase in organic search traffic (an increase in traffic is NOT the goal, an increase in organic search traffic is)
  • People will load your Contact Us form, or whatever your website conversion mechanism is

The firm you hire CAN NOT guarantee that your product or service is any good, and that anyone will actually buy it.

That rests on you.

This brings up another interesting question. How should pay for performance be structured?

  • You should pay a minimal fee for each post published to your website (as Inbound Marketing aka Local SEO Marketing is all about content and publishing – I find it good to think of this incredibly effective form of marketing as Blogging for Business).
  • You should pay a certain amount per month for every visitor who arrives via organic search.
  • You should pay a certain amount per month for every visitor who loads your Contact Us form, whatever that is for you.

When you want to learn more about how performance based pricing for local SEO marketing will benefit your business…

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