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Lead Generation thru Inbound Marketing via Paying for Results

Why do many Inbound Marketing firms feel its OK to take your money and not deliver?

Is it because they don’t know how? Could be.

Wouldn’t you rather pay for results?

Result based pricing for Inbound Marketing is better for YOUR business, so why would you work with a firm that doesn’t get this?

However, as generating results is a joint effort (you have responsibilities in this too) this very idea brings up the question of what should your Inbound Marketing service be responsible for and what should you be responsible for.

The answers are pretty simple when you stop to think about it.

Your marketing firm can get people to take a look at your website, and at your product or service, and provided your offer is enticing enough, can drop leads into your sales funnel.

Generating an enticing enough offer and closing the sale is your job.

This being the case, you should compensate your Inbound Marketing service as follows:

  • Some amount of money per post per month (understanding the basis of attracting your audience to your website is content and publishing).
  • Some amount of money per month for organic search traffic (NOT all traffic – Inbound Marketing is all about organic search traffic)
  • Some amount of money per month for every time your Contact Us form is loaded.
  • Some amount of money per month for every time your Contact Us form is filled out.

To learn more about how result based pricing for Inbound Marketing will help your business…

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