The WordPress plugin Open external link in new window causes you to never accidently send someone off your site.

Internet Marketing Strategy | Open external links in new window Plugin

This post is part of a series about the Internet marketing strategy I call Inbound Marketing, as well as part of a sub-series on the technical aspects of Inbound marketing. This post is also part of another sub-series that provides information about the specific WordPress plugins I find to be useful to Inbound Marketing.

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Part of increasing conversion is keeping people on your website. However the strategy of attracting your audience to your website requires external links. Don’t they send people to other sites?

Sort of yes, and sort of no.

It’s true the external links are necessary and it’s true that if someone selects an external link they will open the page on the other website. However when you open the external link in a new tab or new window they don’t actually leave your site.

You can do this for every link by clicking the check box when you create the link (see the image).

However, we are human and as humans we sometimes forget.

Fortunately for us, someone wrote a plugin that makes this idiot proof (or “I haven’t had my morning coffee yet” proof).

The name of the plugin (I wish all plugins were named like this) is “Open external links in new window“.

All you have to do to NEVER accidentally have a website visitor leave your site when selecting an external link is:

  • Install this plugin
  • Activate it
  • Forget about it

Technically speaking, this is not part of your SEO strategy, as the use of this plugin will not increase the number of visitors who arrive at your site via organic search. But it will prevent the ones who do arrive from leaving, so it is part of your overall Inbound Marketing strategy.

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