Your online content tells your story. Let it convey the personality of your brand, of your service.

As Ann Handley & C.C. Chapman, Authors of “Content Rules” have stated:

Let your originality – your specialness, your brand personality – come through in your online content.

Every company, from Apple Computer to the smallest Mom and Pop service business has a personality of one form or another. Do not be afraid to let your comes through.

An effective place for your personality to come thru in your online content is Inbound Marketing to generate leads.

Personality to Online Content to Inbound Marketing to Leads? Each one does, in fact, feed the next.

Having said all of the above, it’s easy for your personality to come through when you yourself do the writing for your website.

When someone who is not you does the writing, how do you capture the essence of you and who you are?

You do it through a process I call “intake” which is where you answer a series of questions which allows someone else to write (as closely as possible) in your voice.

The questions are:

  1. What do you want to say?
  2. How do you want to say it?
  3. Who do you want to say it to?
  4. What narrative tone do you want to adopt?
  5. Are there any phrases or sayings you use that should be “sprinkled” into your text?

You’ll be surprised how close someone else can get after doing a proper intake.

When your business needs more leads, your business needs a more effective online presence. Your business needs Inbound Marketing.

We know Inbound Marketing. You should talk to us.

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