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Why Link Building is Critical to Success Inbound Marketing Website Lead Generation

What are “Natural” Links?

Before I answer this question, let me clearly state that what Google does is pattern recognition and large scale statistical analysis.

The Google Bots don’t read, think, and certainly can not use the vague terms of “natural” and “unnatural”. So they’ve been programmed to recognize certain patterns as natural and certain other patterns as unnatural.

The next task is for you to create a list of link building activities and rank them from “very natural” to “very unnatural”.

The list below is illustrative, and not all encompassing.

Someone finds a post of yours and likes it so much they link to it

You write about other people’s great ideas and send them a link to your post

You share content with others asking them to share it in turn

You work with others in your industry and you link to each others posts

You leave comments with links to posts on your site at Internet discussion boards

You guest post on the websites of others where the posts contain links back to your site

You pay someone to create directory listings that provide hundreds of backlinks from hundreds of servers.

While all of these are tactics people have employed over the years and still do, most of them are reasonable. In my mind, only the bottom one is not. Other people will have other opinions.

You then spend your time on those link building activities that a reasonable person (image a Google web spam engineer knowing what you’re going to do – would they wince?) considers to be reasonable.

Then do that, a little bit every day.

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