local seo inbound marketing measuring with google analytics

Monitoring Local SEO Marketing Results with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free software tool from Google that makes it really easy to monitor several important aspects of your local SEO marketing efforts.

Most specifically, it’s easy to know:

  • What sources of traffic are bringing visitors to my website.
  • What pages on my website are viewed the most.
  • Where geographically are my website visitors coming from.

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There is much more you will learn from Google Analytics, but these three metrics are a great place to start.

Website Traffic Sources

Within the Google Analytics dashboard, select Acquisition -> Channels to see the following report. What you want to see is a high volume of organic search traffic relative to the overall level of traffic.

I know what you see below is not that impressive. I let this website “wind down” a few years ago and have just recently starting winding it back up. To see a larger image, click on the image itself.

local seo inbound marketing measuring and monitoring via Google analytics

Google Analytics: Traffic Sources

Which pages are most popular?

To view this report, select Behavior -> Site Content -> All Pages. Again, to see an enlarged image select the image below.

This report tells you which pages receive the most visitors and is an indication of what your audience wants to learn about.

local seo inbound marketing google analytics to measure most viewed pages

Seeing which pages are the most popular


Where are your visitors geographically?

When you’re trying to rank locally, where your website visitors are coming from matters.

To see this report, select Audience -> Geo -> Location. Again, to view a larger image, select one of the actual images below.

You can then drill down to see a greater level of detail.

local seo inbound marketing google analtyics geographic report

Visitors by geographic region

local seo marketing using google analytics to see where your website visitors are geographically

Google Analtyics: Geography within the US

local seo inbound marketing cities in California website visitors are coming from

Google Analytics: Geography by City within California

Local SEO, In Summary

For this website here are the numbers.

1,106 visitors in total during the past 30 days, and 131 are from the local metro area being targeted, for a “localization” of 11.8%.

Not great (when this website had it’s highest traffic levels in the summer of 2010, localization was around 30%), but a start.


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