Listening as a Marketing Skill

This post is a commentary on an interesting article I read about “Everybody must become a Modern Marketer“.

What I find most interesting about the article is the implied definition of what modern marketing is.

The sales funnel is an outdated model

His exact words are “ditch the funnel”. This is a point I strongly disagree with. The sales funnel is nothing more (and nothing less) than a model that helps us structure our marketing, sales, and follow up activities. It is still true that not everyone buys right away and for those potential customers who don’t it is still necessary to “stay in the conversion”, which is a point he makes quite strongly.

In Sales Funnel language this is called “Lead Nurturing”. Whether you do lead nurturing activities via email, social media updates, participation in public forums, are important details, but just details.

The existing sales funnel model lends itself quite well to our more modern “engagement” style of staying in the conversion.

Brand audiences are vocal and democratic

This is both true and a very good thing. In a way, we’re coming back to the way things were before mass media where buyers and sellers knew each other better. Of course, we’re doing it differently in this Internet age as we tend to “know each other” through electronic messages, but the trend is encouraging. Brands (both big and small) should embrace this as an opportunity to better engage their audience.

Conversions are as much listening as talking

In the real world, haven’t they always been? Don’t we all prefer people who listen to us? Both in our personal relationships and our consumer behaviors?

Now for the really good news!

The cost of starting a web publication (I think it helps to think of a website as a publication to which you wish to gather an audience) is so cheap any business can now do so.

Then through the processes of what is called Inbound Marketing, you can gather your audience to your website, listen to what they say, interact with them, and from a business perspective suggest they maybe buy your goods or services.

After all, if they were not interested in the topics on your website, they would not have found it and wound up there.

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