What Defines a Successful Blog?

A recent post on the hubspot blog makes the statement that how you define success for a new blog is different from how you define success for an established blog.

The title of the post is Why You Should Measure New and Mature B2B Blogs Differently.

Based on the title I thought it was another one of those meaningless posts whose sole purpose was to be a webpage containing relevant keywords. The kind of post that doesn’t really say anything.

However it turns out it’s only the title that’s feels off.

The main point of the post is on target.

It’s About What You Focus on When

The main point is that before your blog has sufficient visitors, measuring conversion is pretty meaningless.

Website conversion rates for blogs vary between 0.5% and around 2.0%.

If your site is brand new and is now attracting 100 visitors each month, focusing on conversion would be a waste of time and effort.

For conversion to be meaningful, you need more visitors every month.

On the other hand, when you have 10,000+ visitors per month, conversion is very relevant.

New Blog vs Established Blog

When your blog is new, your focus needs to be on attracting your audience. Think through conversion as best you can and implement Calls to Action as you see fit, but don’t stress over them.

Again, focus on those activities that attract visitors through organic search (articles, titles, and links primarily).

When you blog attracts a sufficient level of traffic (and there is no hard and fast number), continue to monitor and measure traffic, and continue the publishing activities that attracts the, then add on monitoring, measuring, and testing your conversion mechanisms.

A/B testing different words within CTA buttons and different landing pages becomes meaningful when you have enough traffic. Until then it’s a time suck.

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