Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Measuring local SEO marketing results is a key task (set of tasks really) in your overall inbound marketing effort.

This post describes for you specific and useful information you can obtain from Google Analytics, a tool which provides so much data it’s easy to get lost.

Of all the details you can know within Google Analytics, what is most important is:

  1. From a traffic source perspective, where are your visitors coming from (organic, referral, social media, etc)?
  2. From a geographic perspective, where are your visitors coming from (across town, metro area, half way around the world)?
  3. What content is most popular?
  4. How is your conversion process performing?

For the remainder of this post (and conversion will probably require a post of it’s own), I will refer to Google Analytics Menus starting from what you see on the left side of the screen.

Traffic Sources: Acquisition > All Traffic

The best traffic is direct traffic. People who know your brand so well they don’t even search for you, they simply come to your site. This takes time to develop. In the meantime, organic search traffic is what you covet. Second only to direct traffic, they are your best audience. Remember, they found you. You want to see your level of organic traffic increase over time.

Geography: Audience > Geo > Location

Why does this matter? If you service a local area, you want the bulk of your traffic to be local. You may discover a geographic area where for some reason your postings are very popular. This does happen, and when it happens you need to know about it and figure out what to do about it.

Popular Content: Behavior > Site Content > All Pages

You WILL at some point be surprised by what resonates with your audience. You’re busy generating useful content at whatever rate you are able to. You write some about this, you write some about that. This view of your website tells you what your audience is most interested in. When you find a topic they really like, expand upon it. That will attract even more.

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