The BIG Problem with Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is expensive.

For the sake of argument let’s say you run a small business of 6 employees, $750K in annual revenues.

A business of that size can not afford to hire an agency for $2,500 to $10,000 per month. The cash flow of the business does not support that. When your business is even smaller, this becomes even truer.

This growing digital marketing divide is the big problem. Big brands with big budgets can create a large and effective online presence, which gives them the ability to become even bigger brands with even larger marketing budgets, while small businesses are left out.

And if you need to understand the importance of a strong online presence, contrast Amazon with Borders. Amazon gets it. Borders did not.

Small businesses are in the unfortunate position where doing Inbound Marketing is expensive, but NOT doing Inbound Marketing is more expensive. Just ask the people at Borders Books.

What is Inbound Marketing?

The best short description I can provide is Inbound Marketing is a set of processes and activities that make it easier for your desired audience to find you via organic search traffic, and encourages (nudges) your website visitors to become prospects for your business.

Why Does it Work?

Inbound Marketing is based on attracting website visitors via organic search traffic. This is important because people who visit your website based on a search they performed have a genuine interest in what your website provides. Technically it’s more correct to say one or more webpages on your website match their search query.

If your website is commercial, by which I mean you use it to start sales conversions, you can be upfront about this. A commercial website full of useful and interesting content that is clearly and obviously there to attract visitors and start sales conversions is NOT the same as Native Advertising.

Native advertising is inherently deceptive. The ad intentionally looks like an article on a website that is not clearly and obviously commercial, such as a news website.

What is Meant by “Content is King”?

Interesting and more importantly USEFUL content is what brings people to your website via organic traffic. The core activity of Inbound Marketing is blogging, which is the generation of stories and articles.

The format of these stories and articles can (and should) vary according to who you want to attract and what information you’re publishing. Text is good. Pictures and infographics are good. Video is good. Which one (or ones) you use should depend on what information you’re conveying, and how best you can convey it.

The websites with the highest quality content (which Google defines as “greatest utility”) and the largest repositories of such content, rank highest.

The closer you come to that within your niche, the higher your website will rank.

The Solutions to the BIG Problem with Inbound Marketing

At the risk of being a little simplistic, the solution is:

  1. Sweat equity makes Inbound Marketing cost very few dollars.
  2. Communities of marketing people helping each other makes Inbound Marketing easier.

Making Inbound Marketing Cheaper

What if rather than spend $2,500 a month you could pay $1,000 one time, or $50 a month, and have a member of your team learn it and spend only an hour or two a day doing it?

The financial burden is removed. Suddenly Inbound Marketing becomes so cheap you can’t afford not to do it.

Making Inbound Marketing Easier

One of the interesting dynamics of being found online is that being found helps you be found more. There is this need to “prime the SEO pump” in a manner of speaking.

By working with other like minded Inbound Marketing people you can all help each other. Specifically what helps is:

  • Link to each others posts.
  • Comment on each others posts.
  • Share each others posts via social media, especially GooglePlus.

This is how doing Inbound Marketing in a community of like minded people allows us all to help each other.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Business?

The principals outlined in this article are the reasons Inbound Marketing University was founded.

Our society has too much inequality of income and wealth. We will all (even the rich) benefit from a more equal distribution of income and wealth. What we have today is a distortion of the Golden Rule, where those with the most gold make the rules of wealth and income distribution.

Wall St. is siphoning resources away from Main St. and this hurts us all.

Rich people are NOT “job creators”, customers are. For there to be more customers there needs to be more disposable income flowing through society.

This digital marketing divide is a real problem.

Inbound Marketing is a tool that allows small business to compete more effectively with big brands. By working together we Main St. businesses can help each other build stronger online presences and build stronger businesses.

Are you ready to get started?

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