Looking to Attract More Clients to Your Cruise Line Vacation?

One of the advantages of being a travel agent is travel is an incredibly large industry. Leisure has become very big business.

One of the disadvantages of being a travel agent is there are a lot of you all trying to attract the same audience.

What can you do to ensure your agency stands out above the rest?

You can use the dynamics of Local SEO Marketing to your advantage.

Zippe.biz provides Local SEO Marketing training, consulting, and implementation.

Local SEO Marketing typically refers to promoting a companies services within a defined geography (hence, “local”), but is equally effective at promoting a destination. The basic idea is the same.

The basic idea is you create a website that is interesting and authoritative for a specific topic, which in your case will be a fairly narrowly defined combination of destination and/or experiences.

Below are a few examples to help make the point:

  • Hawaiian Vacations is a very broad topic.
  • Maui Destinations is more focused.
  • Snorkeling Experiences on Maui is more focused still.
  • African Safari is a very broad topic.
  • Tanzania Safari Excursions is more focused.

No matter what your specific travel niche is; from African Safari’s to Disney Cruises, you can present yourself as expert on that niche to potential clients, and that is where the beauty of this form of marketing comes in.

It is fairly easy, it is measurable, and as you build up your website (post by post, day by day) you attract an increasingly large number of people who have an interest in your topic of interest. You know they have an interest because they found you (not visa versa) via a Google search.

When your travel agency needs more traffic, more leads, and more clients, talk to us. We can help you.

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