Local SEO Marketing is a specialized form of Inbound Marketing and is based on it being easy for the search engine robots to find and index your site.

Sometimes it feels that the trade press is a cork moving in response to the wind and waves of bad advice.

You MUST use video!

You MUST use infographics!

Does it make sense to stop for a minute and think about what is and is not searchable by Google and the other search engines?


Text is absolutely searchable. There is no question or dispute here.


Images per se are NOT searchable. What is searchable are the captions and descriptions. If you are inserting images without captions and descriptions, save yourself time and leave the images out.

Info Graphics

Infographics are images. They are not (yet) searchable on their own. To make them searchable you MUST include captions and images.


Like images, videos are not searchable per se. What is now searchable is the video soundtrack. In the same way that you can talk to your smartphone and it will do a speech to text conversion, the soundtrack of a video can be converted to a text which is searchable.

However, this feature of search is new and I question it’s effectiveness (at this time). I strongly recommend every video be curated (described) effectively so it is easier to find.

I hope to find this information useful.

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