What tools do you use for monitoring SEO results in your effort to generate leads through local SEO marketing?

You do need to spend some time learning to use the tools, but you do not need to know ALL the capabilities. You can focus on a few most critical metrics.

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Below I have a list of things you need to monitor, with a subsequent listing of which tool and when section you monitor this detail.

The two specific tools I recommend are:

  • Google Webmasters Tools: Provides a “Google eye” view of your website
  • Google Analytics: Provides a wealth of detail

For all the capabilities of these two tools, the learning curve can be steep, so I’ve identified what I consider to be the five most important things you can easily learn using the tools.

For what phrases is my site showing up in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)

And with what average position on the SERP and what specific web pages are those phrases attracting people to?

Google Webmasters Tools > Search Traffic > Search Queries

In terms of traffic sources, where are my visitors coming from?

Google Analytics > Acquisition > All Traffic : The table of traffic sources is below the graph

In terms of location (geography), where are my visitors coming from?

Google Analytics > Audience > Geo > Location : Scroll down to see the map and the table below the map

What web pages are my visitors reading?

Google Analytics > Behavior > Site Content > All Pages : The table is below the graph


Conversion is a sufficiently big topic that it justifies it’s own post.

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