When your local business services multiple cities, how does your local SEO marketing efforts help you rank higher in multiple cities?

There are two places within the Google organic results your local business shows up:

  • Google Places for Business (the map display)
  • The organic search resultls

The second one is easier to describe.

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The Organic Search Results

Believe it or not, this is as simple as “sprinkling” the names of the local cities into your posts. You must be consistent and you must use the city names an appropriate number of times.

For example, where I live in the greater San Jose, CA metro area, there are 15 or 16 different cities nearby. San Jose is larger than all the rest combined, so if you are targeting this metro area you mentioned San Jose, CA in every other post, and in the non San Jose posts you rotate the names of the other cities.

Google Places for Business

When your business has multiple locations, and each location has a different address and phone number, you will benefit from having one Google Places for Business entry for each location.

What if you work out of your house and you service your clients in their homes. Is there anyway to have “multiple locations”?

There is. Some might consider it cheating. I consider it clever.

Many people who work out of their homes receive the US mail at one of many “business centers” such as Mailbox, Etc. When you do this, you have a proper business mailing address which the post office will deliver to.

If your mail drop is in Sunnyvale, and you also want a San Jose address, can you open an account at a business center in San Jose, add a second phone number to your Vonage account, and suddenly have two “offices”, each of which has different phone numbers and can be submitted to Google Places?

I’ve not tried this, but I see no reason why this would not work. It satisfies the base criteria of separate addresses and phone numbers.

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