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The important word in the title question is “should”. What “should” local SEO marketing services cost?

This aspect of the industry is confusing and somewhat mysterious, because there are so many different answers floating around out there.

If I asked you how much does it cost to buy a car, how would you answer? The only truly accurate initial answer is “it depends”.

From the “discount” services for $99 a month to the firms who need $2K a month minimum to even consider working with you. provides Inbound Marketing (of which Local SEO Marketing is a forn or type) training, consulting, and implementation.

Why is the price range so wide? Various reasons.

In my attempt to answer that question, let me describe two firms on opposite ends of the pricing spectrum.

The Really Cheap Guys

SEO for $99 a month…. People who sell this guarantee you a first page Google ranking for a specific phrase. This is easy to do if the phrase is not competitive (very few sites on the entire Internet rank high for it) but…. and this is an important but…. as the Internet gets more and more crowded, phrases that are not competitive and generally not good for business. Who cares if you get a first page ranking for “Functional Medicine Doctor Los Altos, CA” if no one EVER does such a search?

The Really Expensive Guys

Really expensive is not $2K per month, really expensive is $5K+. These guys do EVERYTHING for you, but unless you’re a very large brand with a very large marketing budget, what’s the point of even going here, you can’t afford them.

What “Should” You Look For?

Look for a service that meets the following criteria:

THIS should be your filter, once you eliminate the really cheap guys (whose stuff tends not to work) and the really expensive guys (whose stuff does work when you can afford it).

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