You may have heard that lead generation through local SEO marketing is confusing and mysterious.

It can be, but it shouldn’t be.

The purpose of this series of posts is to provide answers to common questions, to help you sort through what is most important and what is less important.

What exactly is SEO?

What should SEO cost?

How do you make it local?

How do you monitor results?

How do you measure conversions?

What progression should you expect?

If you’re a local company and you wish to rank for multiple cities in your area, how do you?

Does ranking locally hurt my national rankings?

How do you show in Google Places for Business when you do not have an actual address?

Should you encourage backlinks to your listing within Google Places for Business?

How do you measure the health of your efforts?

How do you guest blog effectively to create back links?


When hiring an agency, there are specific questions you should ask before you make any commitment:

Exactly what do you do and how do you do it?

What do I need to provide to make this work?

How do you measure your effectiveness?

Can you guarantee me a #1 rank position?

Will you share with me the changes you make to my site?


When your business needs leads, talk to us. We can help.

SEO Needs Link Building



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