Local SEO marketing progression and lead flow.

Local SEO Marketing | What Progression Should You Expect?

Local SEO Marketing is making it easy for your prospects to find you via organic search.

It is the process of publishing relevant and interesting content to your website, in such a way as to attract the attention of the search engines, which then brings you your audience.

As you pursue your efforts, there is a standard progression we see over and over again.

Zippe.biz provides local SEO marketing training, consulting, and implementation services.

  • Google Webmasters Tools shows the keyword phrases for which your website is showing up in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and the average position within the SERP per phrase.
  • As times goes on, you see your average position rise.
  • People who leave SPAM comments start to find your site and leave SPAM comments.
  • Internet marketing companies start to find you and fill out your Contact Us form.
  • You show up in SERPs for more phrases and your “older” phrases continue to rise in the SERPs.
  • You start seeing comments from other Inbound Marketers hoping to help attract attention to their sites by leaving comments on others (the comments contain links back to their sites).
  • You start receiving real comments from real people who ask real questions.
  • You start receiving real leads from real prospects.

Your next question is very likely “How long does it take?”. It varies from niche to nice, but in generally this entire process generaly takes 9 to 12 months when you are consistent and persistent with publishing fresh content to your website two or three times a day, with the initial lead flow typically starting between months 5 and 7.

When you update your website less, the entire process takes longer to play out.

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