When considering hiring a local SEO marketing consultant, it’s important you understand (in advance) how they measure their effectiveness.

It’s important their definition of success is the same as your definition of success. Having said that, some business owners do not have a solid understanding of SEO (and why should they) and it’s necessary to “map” your definition of success to the progression that occurs during local SEO marketing efforts.

What progression occurs, and how do you see it occur?

Google properly indexes your site

Y0u see this within Google Webmasters Tools

Your site starts to rank for specific terms

You also see this within Google Webmasters Tools

Your sites ranking climbs

Again, Google Webmasters Tools

Visitors start arriving from organic search

You see this within Google Analytics

Website visitors start following your CTA (Call to Action) and load your Contact Us form

This, of course, assumes your CTA is to fill out your Contact Us form. You measure this by defining what is called a Destination Goal within Google Analytics.

Website visitors actually fill out your Contact Us form

You measure this using Google Analytics Goals as well by having a “Thank You” page that loads after the form is successfully submitted. This form MUST have a different URL from the main form and also be defined as a Destination Goal.

You Sell More

This, of course, is the whole point.

SEO Needs Link Building

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