How do you (along with your local SEO marketing consultant) measure the effectiveness of your local SEO marketing efforts?

It’s relatively easy using two free tools from Google. I know some of you are now thinking that Google isn’t the only search engine out there and that is true. But…. they have the largest share of the market and when you satisfy the search robots at Google, the search robots elsewhere become satisfied as well.

In this post, I will ask questions, then identify the free tool that answers that question. Detail of how you use the tool to answer the question is beyond the scope of this post. If you have any questions, please submit them in the comments below.

What search terms does my site rank for? Google Search Console

How do I rank for each of those terms? Google Search Console

Is Google seeing errors on my site I need to address? Google Search Console

What backlinks come back to my site? From where? Google Search Console

How much of my traffic is organic search traffic? Google Analytics

What are my other traffic sources and how from comes from where? Google Analytics

What pages on my site are the most popular? Google Analytics

Where geographically are my website visitors located? Google Analytics

How often is my Contact Us form being loaded but not submitted? Google Analytics

When people do load the Contact Us form, what path through the website did they take? Google Analytics

As you can see A LOT of incredibly useful information is available from two free tools. I know there are some sophisticated tools out there that are maybe easier to use and may be provided different views, but you don’t really need them. If you want them, at least wait until your site is bringing in enough money to pay for them.

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