In the spirit of full disclosure, leads from Inbound Marketing are 62% cheaper than leads from other sources, and local SEO marketing is a specialized form of Inbound Marketing.

The savings to your marketing budget is as large as advertised. Although I have not personally measured in sufficient detail to verify the 62% number, I have repeatedly verified the base idea, that local SEO marketing will bring leads to your business at a MUCH reduced cost per lead. provides Local SEO Marketing training, consulting, and implementation.

The reasons this is true have to do with the economics of websites and web publishing, which is the basis of all inbound marketing.

The minimum cost of getting a website up and running is about $55 a year. You need; a domain, hosting, a WordPress website, to generate relevant and useful content.

Why WordPress? It’s the most findable web server platform available today, and the WordPress software is free. WordPress is only 10 years old, and already slightly more than 1 in 5 of all web servers on the entire Internet run on WordPress.

You then need to attract your audience to your website and convert some of those visitors into prospects.

To accomplish this, you publish to your website. Over and over and over. You publish real answer to real questions and you update your website at frequent and regular intervals. As your website becomes a repository of useful information, the search engines bring more and more people.

One thing you KNOW, before meeting any of your prospects, if they have an interest in your products or services, because if they did not, they would never have found you in the first place.

Need to learn how to generate leads for your business? Talk to us, we can teach you.

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