Local SEO Marketing is very agile!
Local SEO Marketing is very agile!

Lead Generation via Agile Marketing.

I love that phrase.

Agile marketing is a modern professional sounding name for “listen, learn, adapt”.

When your parents or grandparents told you to “Sit down, shut up, and listen. You might learn something.” they probably did not know they were teaching you to be agile.

These phrases are all interrelated: Local SEO Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Internet Marketing.

What makes local SEO marketing agile?

Near instantaneous feedback.

Via free tools (my favorites are Google Webmasters Tools, Bing Webmasters Tools, and Google Analytics) you can easily determine very useful information about the people visiting your website:

  • Where are your visitors coming from in terms of organic search, direct, social media sites, etc?
  • Where are your visitors coming from in terms of cities, states, provinces, countries, etc?
  • What pages are the most read?
  • What search terms are bringing them to your sites?
  • How often does someone “enter” your conversion process (i.e.: load your Contact Us page)?
  • How often does someone complete your conversion process (i.e.: actually fill out your form)?

This data is generally only one day old, which in marketing feedback time frames is near instantaneous.

Because this information is so readily and easily available to you, you can “change course” as often as needed (monthly for example) and monitor for how effective your course corrections are.

This aspect of local SEO marketing being so agile is the most useful thing to happen to commerce since the beginning of commerce. Really!

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