Local SEO Marketing, which is a specialized form of Inbound Marketing, is all about content and publishing.

The phrase “publish or perish” no longer applies just to academia, it now applies to marketing, both local as well as global.

When your business needs leads you need to publish, and relative to your competition, you need to publish:

  • Higher quality posts.
  • In a higher quantity.
  • At more frequent intervals.
  • And for a longer duration (when they quit, you keep going).

None of what is listed above is difficult in principle. What makes it hard is the sustained effort required. You must publish day in and day out and you must have good and useful things to say.

It is very important (in my opinion) that you add to the conversation. Merely restated what others have said before is not sufficient in my opinion.

So how do you constantly think of new things to say?

  • Monitor news in your field. When you see something that you strongly agree with or disagree with, publish a post giving your perspective and link to the post in question.
  • Create “series” such as “Local SEO Marketing: How to Guide“.
  • If you’re in the physical vicinity of people in your industry, simply eavesdrop on their conversations. As with monitoring news, when you hear something you strongly agree or disagree with, write it down and blog about it later.
  • Scan your field for tools various vendors sell and write reviews. They do not need to be “in depth” per se but do need to provide real value.
  • When you think of ideas above and beyond what I’ve listed, please share in the comments below.

You also need to learn about link building.

SEO Needs Link Building

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