Is conversion the process of generating a sale, or the process of generating an introduction to someone who wants more information and may later become a sale?

The answer is both, in different contexts.

Every business must sell enough products and/or service to be viable, and ultimately the goal of a sales conversion is to result in a sale.

However, the process from initial introduction to sale varies depending on the type of business, type of products and services, and transaction value. provides Local SEO Marketing training, consulting, and implementation.

In a pre Inbound Marketing sales funnel, the first step was always to quality the prospect. Do they have a genuine interest? Do they have a genuine need? With Inbound Marketing (and local SEO marketing is a specialized form of inbound), you already know the answer is yes. After all, they found you.

The next question is; relative to the visitors on your website, what action can you ask them to take that they are willing to take?

  • Sign up for your email newsletter?
  • Request someone contact them?
  • Make a purchase?

If you ask your visitors to do something they’re not willing to do, your conversion rate will be very low. How do you know?

Attracting your audience to your website is pretty straight forward, almost mechanical. Conversion on the other hand requires testing and measurement.

It makes sense to define a few different sales funnels, which have different “next steps” for your website visitors. Different blog posts can then contain different CTAs (Calls to Action) directing your visitors to take different actions.

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