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Local SEO Marketing | Guest Blogging for Good Back Links

Guest blogging is an effective way to generate backlinks to your website, which do help with your search ranking and local SEO marketing efforts, BUT you must do it well.

Google is targeting improper back link setups. You can expect sites who rely on these ineffective strategies to lose their rankings in a future Google algorithm update.

The key concept here is automated is the opposite of natural and organic.

Zippe.biz provides Local SEO Marketing training, consulting, and implementation.

As with everything there are do’s and dont’s. For this I will start with the dont’s.


  • Randomly contact hundreds or thousands of people and offer to submit a guest post.
  • Use the same post on two different sites, EVER!
  • Take one article and rewrite it several times to post on different sites.
  • Use ANY automated tools of any kind.


  • Establish relationships with real people with whom you can swap links
  • Do this as a constant “background activity”
  • Respond to every Guest Post request you receive saying you would like a mutual relationship (link swap).
  • Write quality posts that are on topic for the website you’re being published on.

When you do guest blogging right, it helps your search ranking. When you do this wrong, it will hurt (maybe not today, but it will). So do it right!

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