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Local SEO Marketing | Google Places for Home Offices

When you run a service business out of your home and want a Google Places for Business listing but do not want it to your list home address, what are your options? Are you quite literally an address-less business?

There may be more than the one option I’ll discuss, but for another business I’m involved in, we do this so I know it works.

Zippe.biz provides Local SEO Marketing training, consulting, and implementation.

The key is to have a deliverable US postal service (USPS) address, without having an address. This means you must “rent” a presence from a business center, but NOT a national chain. When you rent an address at a national chain, the USPS seems to know it’s a rented address.

However, when you rent your address from a business that is not a chain, and preferably operates very few units (ideally one) the USPS accepts these addresses as deliverable.

You can test this prior to committing to an address rental, by using the USPS website.

  • Go to usps.com.
  • Select “Find a ZIP Code”.
  • Enter the address you’re testing, and do NOT fill in the ZIP code.
  • When you select “Find” one of two things will happen:
    • The zip code will be filled in and YOU HAVE A WINNER!
    • The address will be reported as “not found” and you need to find another center.


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