When you’re looking to build backlinks to your site, why does it not make sense to direct backlinks to your Google Places for Business page?

In a purely natural and organic world, backlinks are provided to content that is really useful and relevant.

A listing for Google Places for Business simply doesn’t meet that standard. If one or two links to your listing occur naturally, great.

But in your efforts to encourage links, you want to encourage links back to the content on your main site.

Zippe.biz provides Inbound Marketing (of which Local SEO Marketing is a subset) training, consulting, and implementation.

I can not image a scenario where the Google Places for Business listing for ANY business would contain information other than specific details about the business. Useful when you need to call or visit them, but of no other value.

Content worthy of backlinks provides a greater value to the Internet at large, providing real answer to real questions.

For this reason I strongly suggest you work to promote your main website. As the search ranking of your main website grows, you incoming lead flow grows.

When your business needs leads, talk to us. We can help.

SEO Needs Link Building



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