Your local SEO marketing effort requires good content. Good content is that which is useful to people.

An ideal model to use is where one post answers one question.

Think for a minute about how your search the Internet. Like most people, you are probably seeking the answer to a question or for information on how to solve something or do something.

When is the last time you found your answer on the second or third screen of a web page?

In this day of diminishing attention spans (for a variety of reasons) we tend not to be so patient. If we don’t see that the page probably answers our question, we hit the back button and try another one.

Since this how you likely search, being to the point is being considerate of your readers.

Now that we’ve established that good content is content that is good for PEOPLE, let us understand that in order to get to people, you must first get the attention of the search engine robots.

Think of the search engine robot as the gate keeper, who must be satisfied before granting you an audience with real people.

This is where what we call SEO comes in. SEO is generally considered to be the technical aspects of getting the attention of the search engines.

Although there are reported to be 220 things you can do to make your webpage SEO perfect, the are between 10 and 20 things that when done over and over, post after post, will give you 85% to 90% of the result you need.

And… of those 10 to 20 things, there is ONE that stands above the rest.

Build good titles.

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SEO Needs Link Building


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