The content on your website is written for human readers, AND to be seen by human readers your web pages and posts must be “search friendly”.

You must write for people with the knowledge that before a human reader will find your post, a search engine will bring them there.

For that reason, the structure and format of your blog posts must meet the standards of good technical SEO (search engine optimization).

One of the single most important aspects of good technical SEO is the blog post title.

In your title, you are allowed 60 to 70 characters (including spaces and any special characters).

You owe it to yourself to use as much of that space as you can, without going over.

You probably did not count, but the title of this post is 61 characters, counting spaces and the special character “|”.

I can not easily fit in another word in the reminding 9 characters, so I leave it at 61.

In your titles, focus on the use of nouns. Avoid articles, prepositions, verbs (sometimes verbs make sense – use your judgment).

Every word in your title has the potential to be matched up with every other word in your title in terms of matching a search query.

Take advantage of that.

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SEO Needs Link Building

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