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Someone put me in an argumentative mood by publishing an article about 9 lessons learned from an $11M content marketing campaign.

If you have that kind of money, maybe his advice makes sense, but if your means are more limited, his advice will seriously send you astray.

I started my critique in an earlier post.

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3) Target Your Content Broadly

I disagree. For the greatest success is gathering an audience, target your content NARROWLY! Find a specialized niche others are not serving and/or focus your efforts on specific geographic areas.

4) Build Influences Into Your Content

If you have a massive budget (these influences expect to be paid), this makes sense. If you don’t have a massive budget and you include an influencer without their knowledge, it could come back and bite you in the you know what.

5) Focus Your Marketing Innovators/Opinion Leaders

Wrong again. Your customers and prospects care much more about themselves than about these innovators and opinion leaders. You want clients? Spin a narrative that explains why working with you makes your audience better! How it gives them abilities they seek or how it solves problems they have. Your client must be the hero of your marketing stories.

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