Inbound Marketing is Content Marketing is Bloggiing
Inbound Marketing is Content Marketing is Bloggiing

Here is an excellent article about 26 things to do to improve your blogging (aka Content Marketing aka SEO Marketing aka Local SEO Marketing) from the Social Media Examiner.

26 Essentials for Blogging Success

First it is encouraging that a social media website is promoting the value of blogging.

After all, your blog is the king of your social media efforts.

We have published a “how to” series on local SEO marketing for details on how to do it effectively.

However, it is possible to have blogging success while focusing on fewer than 26 things.

Officially from Google there are 220+ aspects to the Google search algorithm.

Unofficially from Google, if you focus on 10 of those it will generate 90% of your results.

Rather than expend time and energy on those things then give you the last 10% of your results, your time and energy is better spent doing the 10 things more often.

Because….. The #1 thing is to publish original content, consistently and persistently.

The #1 thing the Google search engine wants to see is a website containing a lot of original content that is updated frequently.

So if you want to attract your audience to your website, expend less time and energy getting everything right for each one of your posts, and spend more time publishing more posts.

To learn how we do it, please read our “how to” series on local SEO marketing or contact us for more information.

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