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Local SEO Marketing | Competing Against Big Business

When I say “Local SEO Marketing Maturity” I’m not talking about the state of the industry in general, but rather the maturity of your efforts.

Sophisticated efforts cost money. When you’re new, when you’re small, funds are limited.

When funds are limited, how do you effectively compete against bigger businesses with larger marketing budgets?

You’ve heard these answers before:

  • Sweat equity
  • Stretch every dollar

Due to the economics of how local SEO marketing works, it’s much more doable than you may think.

Zippe.biz provides Local SEO Marketing training, consulting, and implementation.

Sweat Equity

You CAN learn to do this yourself. We can teach you. This knowledge of what to do and how to do it is easy to obtain (take our course). What makes it hard is the doing of it, consistently and faithfully.

When you find a way to do this within your business, you reduce the hard dollar cost to near zero (maybe $55 a year for your website).

Stretch Every Dollar

If you lack the ability to do it yourself, you can hire a professional writer to generate your content for you. Of course they need to know how to do it correctly, but someone who is less than “an agency” can effectively be your agency by following the tried and true principals.

This option costs you more cash than doing it yourself, but frees up your time for other activities.

Find a Way

As leads from Inbound Sources are significantly cheaper than leads from outbound sources (61% cheaper per a HubSpot white paper), not only CAN you afford to do this (your current lead flow is costing you money), but you can not afford NOT to.


Want to learn more? Talk to us. We can help.

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