Survey Says…….

I once sat in a room full of website conversion experts who all took a quick three question A/B test. For each question two landing pages were displayed the front of the room. Everyone was asked to guess which one converted better. Those who got it right raised their hands.

Question 2 was similar and this time those who got it wrong lowered their hands.

For question 3 again, those who got it wrong lowered their hands.

Out of around 100 experts, only 3 had their hands still raised after the 3rd question.

The moral of the story is, don’t use surveys to determine what marketing trends do and do not make sense. It would appear we’re all just making this stuff up as we go.

So how do you know what local search tactic changes make sense?

  1. Listen to Google. After all, they make the rules.
  2. Take your best guess.
  3. Test.
  4. Monitor.
  5. Adjust and test again.

The problem is that takes work. It requires effort.

It would be so much easier if the experts could simply tell us what will and will not work. Unfortunately their track record is not great.

Although this is an extreme example, 500 years ago all the experts knew the Earth was flat and the sun and moon moved across the sky. The only problem with their opinion is that it was wrong.

However we still believe in trusting authorities, rather than verifying for ourselves.

When it’s your business that is at stake, by all means listen to experts, but test what they tell you.

Want to see what really works?

I’ve got evidence. Ask me about it.

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