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Link Building to Increase Website Ranking is Networking and is Part of White Hat SEO

Guest Blogging for Backlinks is White Hat SEO….

Like pretty much everything, a good thing taken too far becomes a bad thing.

Humility is good until you take it so far you become a doormat.

Confidence is good until you take it so far you become an asshole.

For quite a while, people would guest post on other websites as a means of obtaining links back to articles on theirs. In the beginning this was a good strategy. Then firms started selling backlinks via guest posts and the number of times this occurred every day exploded. In sync with that the quality of what was written degraded.

The important point here is Guest Blogging is a tool which can be used for good purposes, and can be used for spam purposes.

It’s not what you do that gets you in trouble with Google, but how you do it.

Link Building? Relationship Building

People often talk about link building as a way to grow their website.

Offline, it’s common for business owners to network for purposes of building their businesses.

Why when do this in cyberspace does it have a different name?

When we network with people across the Internet, are we not networking for purposes of building our businesses?

Isn’t Link Building simply part of that relationship building process?

What This Means for You

Do not avoid guest blogging. Avoid web spam. Web spam are “tricks” done to deceive the search engines into thinking your site is more useful than it really is.

Web spam is also something Google actively works against. Those various algorithm updates, Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, etc are all focused on eliminating different aspects of web spam.

Network. Meet people (either in person or in cyberspace). Exchange links. Guest post for each other. All this is fine.

Just have a sense of where the line is between is being a good practice to it being too much.

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