Link Building is Relationship Building

If you focus your SEO efforts in only two areas, you’ll have some search ranking success, and those two areas are:

  1. Create good strong search friendly titles.
  2. Build good links back to your pages and posts.

Of course, search success is not enough (what people come to has to answers their questions) but you get the point.

However, many people (most it seems) think about link building incorrectly.

When it comes to the publishing of content, I’m big on both quantity AND quality.

When it comes to link building, I focus on quality and consistency (if you pick up two good incoming links a month, you’re doing good).

Why do Some (Many) People Fail to Understand This?

While I don’t know the answer for sure, my gut feeling is that some link building practices that used to generate good search rankings, but no longer do, are well known by lots of people.

While the fact that those tactics no longer work and in fact might hurt their website rankings are NOT known to them.

One of the greatest challenges I have when talking to people about Inbound Marketing is to get bad ideas out of their head.

I’m still refining how I do this.

What Does Work?

A simple tactic I’m having some success with is…

…when you find someone who has published an article you strongly agree with, publish a post on your site that summarizes it, gives credit to the original author, explains why it’s so good, and links to it.

Then contact the author (I’ve even picked up the phone to call them) and tell them you like what they wrote so much, you summarized it in a post on your blog.

The author of the original post will want to see your post and most likely will link to it, because after all, it talks about them in a positive way.

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