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Lead Generation | Effective Local SEO Marketing on a Budget

A steady stream of incoming quality leads is the life blood of every business, yours included.

Businesses that do not spend on marketing tend not to survive.

However, during this economic downturn, almost every form of advertising available as become less effective, with one notable exception.

This notable exception is Inbound Marketing, a specialized variant of which is called Local SEO Marketing.

Effective local SEO marketing on a budget is available to you, if you’re willing to make a significant trade-off. provides Local SEO Marketing training, consulting, and implementation.

To save money, you must spend time and effort. You must learn how to do it, and you yourself (or someone else in your business) devotes the required effort to make it happen.

Knowing how is fairly easy. You attend Inbound Marketing University and we’ll teach you.

Doing it day in and day out is what makes it hard. You must be prepared to devote 7 to 10 hours a week to this activity, and the thing you will do the most of is writing. You will publish around 6,000 words each week.

While this may sound daunting to some, it is amazingly effective and when you work it properly, it pays you back abundantly.

When your business needs more leads, and you want to learn to do it yourself, you should talk to us. We can help.

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