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Is Mobile SEO a Real Thing? Does Attracting Visitors Differ Between Platforms?

Is Mobile SEO Really Different from SEO?

Accepting that SEO is the technical configurations you do on your website as well as within your website posts and pages, is there really a difference between SEO and Mobile SEO?

It turns out the answer is yes, but the differences are really subtle.

Please allow Google to tell us, since they’re willing to. For the full Google article, click the link in the first sentence above. My brief summary is below.

You must do one of these three things, which your website theme has to take care of.

Use a responsive design

This is where the look and feel of the website changes for small display screens on smartphones and tablets, but the exact same webpage is loaded.

Serve different HTML on the same URL

If the device requesting the page is a browser on a PC or MAC, present HTML appropriate for that device. If it’s a smart phone or tablet, present HTML that is different and appropriate for those devices.

Use different URLs for desktop and mobile

When your theme does this, the main page (desktop) has an HTML tag that identifies the URL of the corresponding mobile page.

So what do YOU need to do?

Unless you’ re programming your web server and Content Management System yourself (and why would you), all you can do, and what you must do, is make sure the theme you use does one of the three things listed above.

Bear in mind that in WordPress these are not necessarily done by WordPress. Some (perhaps all) are done by the specific WordPress theme you’re using.

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