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This post describes how to submit your web sites sitemap.xml file to Google via Google Webmasters Tools.

It assumes you’ve already verified your site to Google Webmasters tools, which is covered in a different post.

It also assumes your site has a sitemap.xml file, which is also covered in another post.

First, why do you need to do this? In reality you don’t. Google and the other search engines will eventually find your Sitemap.xml file.

However, since submitting your Sitemap.xml file to Google helps Google find the individual web pages on your site more easily, and since this is very easy and quick to do, just do it.

The steps are:

  1. Login to Google Webmasters Tools.
  2. Select the target site (which may be the only site).
  3. You’ll see “Sitemaps” as the 3rd column of the display.
  4. Select the word “Sitemaps” to go down to the next level of detail.
  5. In the top right of the screen you’ll see an orange button labeled “ADD/TEST SITEMAP”.
  6. Select that button.
  7. This brings up a dialog box where you enter the filename.
  8. Enter “sitemap.xml” (do not enter the quotes).
  9. Select the blue button labeled “Submit Sitemap”.
  10. Come back in a few days to verify Google has found the sitemap file.

This is much easier than it sounds, as you’ll see once you go through the process. It provides a direct benefit to your website and the posts and pages of your website being found.

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