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There are a number of important parts of your website that provide advantages to being found via organic search.

  • Website title
  • Website tagline
  • Website categories
  • Post titles
  • Post body (content)

This post focuses on the importance of choosing a search-friendly title for your website.

I choose to assume your Inbound Marketing effort is based on a WordPress website, and there are reasons discussed in a different post as to why this is true.

To provide a point of reference, within your WordPress dashboard, you set your website title at Settings -> General, and the field label is “Site Title”.

People like cute titles. Search engines don’t.

Your title should be maybe two words, maybe three, four at most, and should provide a very brief description of what the website is about.

Take this website for example.

The URL is:

The website title is: Lead Generation via Organic Search

NOTE: The website title is really four words, not five, because “via” is not a search term and should not be counted.

Why use that title? Because is not well known (yet). It’s the name of our brand, not what we do.

The URL provides zero search benefit because it’s not a well-known brand (yet). The website title contains words people search for.

Your website title should describe what the articles on your website will talk about.

This website is about generating leads for your business through your website via SEO, content, and organic search.

Need leads? We can help…

SEO Needs Link Building

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