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A 404 error is when someone attempts to load a web page that does not exist.

How can this happen? You might have a page that is indexed by the search engines, then later gets deleted or for some reason has it’s URL changed. It’s really not uncommon.

A 404 error here or there is not an issue, but when your site reports multiple 404 errors, your search ranking will suffer. You can easily monitor for 404 errors (and other errors) through the use of Google Webmasters Tools, which gives you a Google eye view of your website.

The good news is you can eliminate 404 errors from your WordPress website forever through the installation of the WordPress plugin titled “404 Redirection“.

Understand this does not make the missing page suddenly exist, but what it does do is prevent your web server from saying the page is missing. What happens instead is the web server returns your home page.

The web site user doesn’t get the page they were expecting, but since it’s missing they never will anyway, but they at least get a page on your site they can start with.

And you stop your website from reporting 404 errors. Just by installing and activating one plugin.

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